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Board of Appeals

Pursuant to Sec.18-10.04 of the Rockland Code of Ordinances, the Rockland Board of Appeals has the authority to hear and decide appeals from any decision made under the provisions of the zoning code; hear and decide variance requests; hear and decide all matters referred to it or upon which is required to pass under the zoning ordinance as prescribed by Chapter 62.23, Wis. Stats. The Rockland Zoning Board of Appeals consists of five members, and two alternate members, who are appointed by the Town Board for a three year term. The Board of Appeals meets when requested to do so by application.

• Frank Hutjens, Chairperson, (920) 336-9359
• Dave Diedrick
• Terry Schneider
• Steve Gander
• Kay Remmel
• Randy Janssen, 1st Alternate


Process for a Variance:

If a variance is needed due to non-conforming lot size, setbacks, existing structure or other issues, an application for Variance form must be completed and submitted with the appropriate fees to the Zoning Administrator and then reviewed by the Board of Appeals.

  • Request to appear before the Town Board of Appeals via Bob Gerbers, Zoning Administrator at 920-655-8602.
  • The Zoning Administrator along with the Chairperson of the Board of Appeals will set a date for a public hearing on the matter.
  • The Town Clerk will publish a notice in the newspaper and send a written notice to any party of interest informing them of the variance request and the public hearing.
  • Applicant will appear before the Board of Appeals at the public hearing to make their case as to why the variance should be granted.
  • At the public hearing the public may ask questions and provide comments.
  • The Board of Appeals reviews the information and comments provided to them and then renders their decision.
  • Minutes of public hearing are recorded and provided to Applicant and placed in parcel’s file in the Town Clerk’s office.

Bob Gerbers, Zoning Administrator
Phone: (920) 655-8602



All requests to have an item reviewed by the Board of Appeals requires that the Applicant complete and submit a Board of Appeals request form. The request form should be attached to the Applicant’s request and submitted to the Zoning Administrator with the appropriate fee. Please see the following links and fee schedule.

Board of Appeals Request Form
Miscellaneous Fee Schedule


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