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Below is a list of vendors that are currently providing service in some areas in the Town of Rockland. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive and is being offered to assist you as you begin your search for a vendor that best meets your needs and your budget.

The Town of Rockland is not making an endorsement of any vendors listed here.  Any appropriate vendor of vital services who wishes to be listed should contact our Town Clerk to submit a request for approval.


Digger’s Hotline:  DIAL 811 OR (800) 242-8511 or


Gas & Electric:

Wisconsin Public Service: 877-444-0888 or



Sunpower Corporation: .800-SUNPOWER or



Country Visions Cooperative: 920-336-6449 or
Ferrell Gas: 800-444-0316 or
Lakes Gas Company: 920-989-1673 or
Milton Propane: 800-747-1060 or


Telephone Providers:

AT&T: 800-288-2020 or
Time Warner: 855-326-5021 or 


Cable & Internet Providers:

AT&T:  800-784-0574 or
Time Warner: 855-326-5021 or
Verizon: 800-256-4646 or
Bertram: 920-351-1023 or
HughesNet: 1-877-715-4820 or
Exede Satellite Internet: 855-627-2553 or
DIRECTV: 855-284-5567 or
Infinity Wireless: 920-964-0234
DISH: 855-574-1268 or


Sanitary Permit - Septic System:

Brown County Zoning Department: (920) 448-6480


Septic Tank Pumping:

AAA Sanitation: (920) 351-4913 or
Fox Valley: (920) 864-7795 or
Kiekhaefer Septic Service: (920) 864-7025 or


Well Drilling:

Retzlaff & Gregorich Well Drilling: (920) 845-2988 or
Ground Source: (800) 236-9355 or
Weslow Water Systems: (920) 227-2510 or


















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