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The Town Treasurer works under the statutory authority of Section 60.34, Wisconsin Statutes. The Town Treasurer is a part-time position elected by the residents of the Town to serve a two-year term.

Treasurer Mary Van Dyck has been serving as the Treasurer since 1987.  Her main job responsibilities include the following:

  • Receives and takes charge of all money belonging to the Town
  • Deposits funds of the Town in a public depository designated by the Town Board
  • Files required tax reports
  • Conducts banking transactions and reconciliations for Town accounts
  • Manages the loans and accounts authorized by the Town
  • Processes, reconciles and audits accounts payables and receivables and cash received
  • Prepares monthly financial reports for the Town Board
  • Works with the Town Clerk to prepare annual budget and year-end financial statement
  • Retains all public records required by the Town, County, State or Federal regulations
  • Issues dog licenses and maintains county licensing database
  • Issues Letter of Specials
  • Fulfills requests for information
  • Manage the Town's trash and recycling services


Mary Van Dyck, Treasurer
(920) 336-5968


Dog Licenses:

To request a Dog License, please visit our Dog License page for details on obtaining a license.

















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