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An ordinance is an authoritative rule or law adopted by the Town Board. Ordinances are often adopted by the Board to regulate or prohibit certain types of conduct or action on the part of its citizens. Ordinances that have regulations or prohibitions generally have penalty provisions for failure to comply. When someone fails to comply with an ordinance, a citation may be issued against that person. This person then has the opportunity to appear before a judge in the Joint Municipal Court or pay the forfeiture listed on the citation.

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Per Wisconsin Statutes, some ordinances require the Board to hold a public hearing prior to the adoption of an ordinance. In those cases, public notice of the hearing is provided in the Green Bay Press Gazette, this website and at the three designated posting locations. Other ordinances can be adopted without a public hearing. In these cases, the intent to adopt the ordinance will be found on the Town Board meeting agenda. After adoption, a summary of adoption is published in the Green Bay Press Gazette and the adopted ordinance is posted on this website and at the Town’s three designated posting locations.

This site will maintain the current year’s list of adopted ordinances. All other adopted ordinances have been incorporated into the Code of Ordinances.

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Current notices can be found on the Town Board information page.

Recent Amendments to Code of Ordinances

Ordinance 2016-1
Ordinance 2016-2
Ordinance 2016-3
Ordinance 2016-4
Ordinance 2016-5

Ordinance 2015-1 Amending Chapter 18 Zoning Ordinance
Ordinance 2015-2 Amending Chapter 18 Zoning Ordinance
Ordinance 2015-3 Amending Chapter 8 Public Works Ordinance
Ordinance 2015-4 Amending Chapter 2 Establishing Procedures and Criteria for Allowing Alternative Forms of Sworn Testimony at BOR
Ordinance 2015-5 Adopting 2015 Town of Rockland Comprehensive Plan Update
Ordinance 2015-6 Amending Chapter 18 Zoning Ordinance
Ordinance 2015-7 Creating Section 10-01.05 A.2. paragraph (m)
















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